About the Plant-People World

Throughout our interactive story, we’ve co-created many unique peoples and places with our fans. You can get some background information on the characters and world here.


Bio_Tala Tala

A feisty independent woman. She was given over for marriage by her parents. The man that would be her fiance, though, turned out to be a vicious murdering criminal. She escaped his clutches after learning the truth, but is now being pursued by this nasty bit of husband material.



Bio_MaeMossy Mae Polipore

Mae is a carefree spirit with a sense of wanderlust. She didn’t want to stay in her home, so she left in spite of the danger inherent in doing so. She does not want to be caught up in the troubles that Tala faces, but keeps getting trapped.





Cocky to a fault. He is proud of the little crime empire he has built.. He won’t have it brought down by Tala. If he can’t have her for his bride, he will silence her. He also has a dog.





About the World

Leaf/Grass People “Seasons”

Page_08_clipWe came up with the idea that our plant people with leaves and grass go through seasonal changes where their foliage changes color and falls off during the winter. This would be a fun change when coloring, plus I’d get to draw some bald ladies.

The idea was put into practice when Tala shared her background with Mae. Tala’s leaves are considerably smaller during her flashback to when she met Radican.

Mushroom People

Another random thought was that the mushroom people reproduce asexually and have no gender (although their appearance is more feminine for childbirth/nursing purposes). They don’t live in our traditional family settings, but in large community homes. Instead of choosing a partner to raise children with they seek out close friends that agree to act as godparents to their child, live in the same group home and help with care. James also says that their babies should grow out of their backs.


We put both ideas into practice, showing a baby growing out of a mushroom person’s back when they’re partying in the woods, and then again when we displayed their village for the first time as a series of group homes and a fenced in area attaching them.