Pure Mich-Con


Good morning! I spent last Saturday at Pure Mich-Con and it was a blast. It’s always a bit tricky running a booth without James or my daughter, Audra, to help but luckily my neighbors (and Jay) were very helpful. Our new Rey and BB-8 posters went over great and it’s always amazing to geek out with congoers over Adventure Time, Korra, Ben 10 and…everything else. We also had a nice response to our newly printed Interactive Comic pages in 12×18 format.
Thanks again John Kalel for having me out and giving me a chance to run a Social Media for Small Press panel.


After the convention James and I headed straight into an 18-hour road trip to pick up the kiddos and we just got home last night. So, we’re a little off schedule. Feel free to continue giving us suggestions for what happens next in the comic. We’ll get our act (and a poll) together soon so the voting and next page can commence.

I have more local shows coming up over the next 2 weekends. Come visit me this weekend at the Detroit International Festival of Animation: https://www.facebook.com/events/504132009764246/


Whoa, where did we even go?

I know we got out of touch since my back injury, but I’m glad to say I’m doing far better! We also hit another setback when we discovered a large price hike from our old website host and decided to switch providers. It took a while to get on track and set things up, but now we’re back in the swing of things and ready to post the newest page tomorrow.

Ideally, working through WordPress will make posting to all of our social media pages easier, as well. Thanks for your patience! ~Jen